Diversifying Your Portfolio: It’s not just for money anymore

So lately I’ve been thinking about diversifying my writing portfolio. (In other words, writing in more than one genre.)

Why on earth would I be thinking that, you ask? Here are three reasons.

Reason Number One: Because Paranormal is dead.* People gorged on Twilight and True Blood, and in the harsh light of the morning-after vampire hangover, have sworn off all creatures of the supernatural variety.

Except for zombies because apparently those are still cool and sexy? This still confuses me. Somebody please explain the appeal of the zombie.



Reason Number Two: If you can write and sell romances to one niche audience, thrillers to another, and cozy mysteries to a third—then you are insanely talented and you should go do that. Even if you do end up going with a traditional publisher (full disclosure: I hope to be one of those people one day), you might end up working with several different-sized publishers for different books. You might release in e-book and/or paper book, depending on what makes sense for that book. You might traditionally publish your more market-friendly genres, and independently publish your collection of lighthouse-themed haiku. All options should be open.

Reason Number Three: Because I’m a human being. (Oops, was that a big reveal? I hope it wasn’t.) Being a human being (that sounds awkward, but you know what I mean), I like to read different kinds of books. For example, there’s teens versus government conspiracy a la Michele Gagnon, Kelley Armstrong and Malindo Lo. Humorous romantic mysteries like those by Gemma Halliday and Liliana Hart. I also enjoy a good true-life polar or mountain-climbing disaster.

The point here is that I read in multiple genres, and it makes sense that I might try writing in different genres too.

*By the way, I don’t believe in Reason Number One. The market is glutted, and publishers aren’t buying new paranormal, that’s true. But readers are out there and everything comes around again eventually.

What are your thoughts? Do you write in multiple genres? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Diversifying Your Portfolio: It’s not just for money anymore

  1. Renee Lynn says:

    This is probably in response to the title, rather than the content itself:

    I agree that it doesn’t have to always be about money. I’m trying to get a job as a freelance writer (although I’m writing a lot for other blogs and my own), and it’s really the experience and determination that matters.

    I’m not getting paid as a writer, however, when my portfolio is handed down to the next editor-in-chief to a magazine company, it just may be worth it. If nothing works out, I’ll still write, because it’s something I’m very passionate about!


  2. Mariah Klein says:

    I agree, Renee! And I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Thank you for reading.

  3. masfiction says:

    We definitely write in multiple genres. Our first book we saw as a supense – romance but the feed back we get is that it’more of a steamy thriller. Now we’re working on a steampunk alternate history. We still have some romance novel ideas but we suspect that they too will turn out as steamy misteries or thrillers. Plus we sometimes pen the odd professional pieces. Straight analytical works of science or social science. It’s nice to switch between interests and styles.

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